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         In Wallingford there is a place where every year the World Naked Bicycle Race begins and the monstrous remains of the nation's last coal gas gasification plant stand right next to a man-made kite-flying hill with a sundial on its summit. But for some reason, residents of Wallingford see nothing strange about Gas Works Park.
         Less than two miles north, also in Wallingford, Meridian Avenue meets Kenwood Place, Keystone Place, Kirkwood Place, and Kensington Place at an angle about 14 degrees off-kilter from every other north-south-east-west street on the Seattle grid. This portion of Wallingford is lovingly called Tangletown.
         Popular opinion holds that Tangletown's nutty street configuration is a result of planning conflicts where Wallingford collided with the Greenlake neighborhood in Seattle's early years. But I believe it's because Tangletown is the location of Alice's rabbit hole to Wonderland, the portal which leads to where the wild things are, or possibly the wardrobe to Narnia.
        Nevertheless, if you can stand  the madness of having Tangletown to the north and Gasworks to the south, in exchange you get to live in an absolutely charming classic Seattle neighborhood with Interstate 5 to the east and Highway 99 to the west. And this means there isn't a place in Seattle you can't reach in about 15 minutes. . . or 15 seconds if you take the rabbit hole.

- Keller Williams Seattle Metro West