Ravenna Real Estate

Perhaps I’m a bit biased. After all, I live here. But I would like to assert that Ravenna is the best neighborhood in Seattle. Not to be confused with its namesake Ravenna, Italy, to which I've never been, Seattle's Ravenna is classic, yet modern, and idyllically located surrounding  a couple of Seattle’s finest urban parks, but also shopping, arts and culture, great schools, fine dining, and a wide variety of recreational activities. All of this within a couple minutes of I-5.

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Ravenna Boulevard after a winter storm
The same location in 1910 during the construction of the sewer

I've been meaning to blog about this incredible neighborhood for several months now. I wanted to be able to take photographs that would accurately represent the beauty of Ravenna, but the weather just hadn't been cooperating. Grey skies and rain, until today. . . Winter storm followed by blue skies = instant wonderland! Centagenarians familiar with the neighborhood will recognize that the (above) photograph was taken from the middle of Ravenna Boulevard where it meets Roosevelt Way, facing east towards Cowen Park.

Classic Ravenna Neighborhood Victorian, Craftsman, and Farmhouse-style architecture
Borders of Ravenna Neighborhood in black outline
The Borders of Ravenna appear in black outline

Ravenna is the neighborhood north of the University District, generally extending to NE 75thStreet in the north, just past 35th Avenue NE to the east, and University Village shopping center to the south.  Ironically, while the portion of Ravenna Boulevard which runs alongRavenna Park is technically part of the University District neighborhood, a small portion of University of Washington land actually falls within the boundaries of the Ravenna neighborhood. Balderdash! As far as I’m concerned, Ravenna Boulevard is part of Ravenna! But I digress. . .

This pedestrian bridge on 20th Avenue NE is free of cars, even when there's no snow

More than any neighborhood I know of, in Seattle or anywhere else, Ravenna is so close to so much city and yet seems so far away. Maybe it’s the noise-absorbing effects of Ravenna and Cowen parks, or maybe it’s the valley-shaped topography of the southern portion of the neighborhood, but despite being bordered by several major thoroughfares, the streets in Ravenna are stunningly quiet, even when there isn’t snow on the ground. Nontheless, from the heart of Ravenna, travel a few blocks and you can reach I-5, University Village, University Way (“The Ave.”), Green Lake, and many other points of interest.

Sledders fight the crowded, busy traffic of NE 62nd Street

Having lived in Ravenna since before I graduated college in 2001, one thing I really like about Ravenna is how, seemingly by osmosis, it has a lot of the youthful vigor of the neighboring University District, but very little of the attendant crime, late-night mayhem, parking problems, and sidewalk vomit.

Slip sliding away . . .
Slip sliding away in Cowen Park

The population density of the Ravenna neighborhood is 5,524 people per square mile, 18% less dense than the Seattle average. A portion of this difference can be accounted for by the relative emptiness of Cowen and Ravenna Parks, which collectively cover over 58 acres (8.4 and 49.9 acres respectively). Together the parks make up nearly 5% of Ravenna's total area, which is about 1.9 square miles in size. Despite their relative vacancy, it is within Cowen and Ravenna Parks that some of Ravenna's most interesting occupants can be found. . .

Seattle has the most hardcore bikers. . . ask these two.
There's Ravenna Trail . . . wait! What is that!?
For everyone who doesn't ride bikes when it's nice out.
It is! Two people riding road bikes in the snow!

The median age in Ravenna is just over 40, with the majority of residents falling between the ages 25 and 55. . . As the neighborhood's demographics illustrate, when you become too old to ride your bike in the snow, they ask you to move to Magnolia. . .

Ravenna Real estate has maintained its value as well as any neighborhood in Western Washington, due no doubt to what a wonderful neighborhood it is. The average home in Ravenna is valued at around $600,000.

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