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This is why they call Shoreline "Shoreline".

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It came to my attention recently that Shoreline was twice voted "Seattle's Best Neighborhood" in Seattle Magazine. And although I haven't read the articles in which Shoreline won this honor, I had to laugh. . . Shoreline is NOT a neighborhood in Seattle. Shoreline is, in fact, a city, completely distinct from Seattle. I would have thought that Seattle Magazine (of all publications) would've been aware of this fact.

I imagine that Shoreliners (Shorelinites?) probably resent this distinction for a couple reasons. First, being called a "neighborhood in Seattle" is belittling. How would the city of Oakland feel about being called a neighborhood in San Francisco? Secondly, residents of Shoreline aren't particularly interested in anymore transplants from Seattle. . .

Like Washingtonians in general, Shoreliners see Seattle ex-patriots similarly to how the rest of us see Los Angelenos: "Johnny-come-lately" interlopers, bringing their 6-figure incomes up here to raise our property taxes and home prices beyond our ability to afford to buy homes in our own neighborhoods, and complaining about the weather! (well, maybe not the last one. . . )

To a certain degree, any ire Shoreliners feel towards Seattleites is well-founded. Shoreline does boast many of the best aspects of the "Seattle" lifestyle without many of the drawbacks. Shoreline has lower housing costs, crime, taxes, and traffic, but is only a few minutes away from all the arts, culture, sporting events, fine dining, and nightlife of Seattle. It's no wonder Shoreline is one of the most popular destinations for young Seattleites starting families, wanting to upsize their homes and downsize their stress.

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