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I am witnessing a strange phenomenon. Some folks who find their way to my website sign up for "listing alerts" that make sure they're notified when new properties hit the market in their desired home-shopping areas. Recently I wrote blogs about Shoreline and Edmonds, featuring current real estate listings in these areas. Subsequently a number of people signed up for listings alerts . . . in LYNNWOOD!

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Now maybe I'm missing something, but I thought Lynnwood was a city made of pavement, shaped like a parking lot inside a gas station, next to two freeways, surrounded by Applebees and Hooters restaurants, with Dollar stores instead of trees and check-cashing joints where schools should be . . .

Apparently I was wrong. So what is Lynnwood? I turned to the internet to find out. Wikipedia calls Lynnwood "an indefinable mix of urban, suburban, small city, crossroads and bedroom community to many professionals who work in Seattle." This makes me feel somewhat vindicated in my inability to fathom and comprehend Lynnwood and its environs. Next I asked my friend and colleague on the Big Sound Homes Team, Shawn Lee. Shawn said, "Lynnwood boasts the best Korean barbecue in the state and the best motorcycle salvage yard  in the country." So there's that. . .

If anyone wants to reply to this post and explain to me what makes Lynnwood so special, please do so!

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